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İğrek Makina Foundry & Machine Tools

İğrek Makina Foundry is a family company established by A. Osman İğrek in Bursa in 1946 to produce patterns for casting industry, casting parts and provide machining services.

The company invests and makes improvement in production facility in every year and in 2015, it has reached to a significant upgrade by increasing the production area in volume and improving the work flow logistics. Production area has reached 30.000 m2. A team of 11 engineers and 19 qualified technicians on Production and Quality Departments and 7 experts on Management and Planning Department, the modern production area employs 120 qualified and experienced people.
By year 2015 the company also reconstructed its façade with a modern Bauhaus architecture creating a combined, integrated facility looks. The company is now ready for its 80th anniversary celebration.

İğrek Makina Foundry & Machine Tools,”Reliable Partner Foundry” is ready and open to perform services with sense of partnership on heavy industrial sectors such as:

  • Automotive Stamping Dies:

Styropor patterns are processed from 3D CAD designs for all necessary components to produce stamping dies for automotive are casted in proper material types of grey iron, ductile iron and steel casting. They are delivered to final customers after full machining process worldwide.

  • Machine Tool Production

With its production experiences and abilities, the company gives versatile and responsive support to top machine tool manufacturers.

  • Energy Equipment

The company leads on producing big sized high quality cast parts necessary for producing energy systems most specially on ductile iron parts for wind energy.

  • Cement and Mining Sectors, Gear and Ring Producers

In ductile iron and cast steel production the facility has the production capacity of delivering cast parts with diameters up to 5 meters. Parts are delivered in ready for gear-cutting process condition with proper heat treatment applied.

  • Aviation, Ship Building, Building and Construction Sectors

The company also meets the demands of related heavy industry sectors by producing special stamping, vacuuming and stretching dies, main parts, gear-boxes and many kind of technical casting parts with machining.


İğrek Makina, with its 75 years casting experience, aims to be pioneer in its technology, capacity and product range with its flexible project based production methods in the production of grey iron, ductile iron and cast steel parts.

By adding aviation and energy sectors to its production base, next to automotive stamping dies and machine production sectors, the company will continue to be a versatile supplier for heavy industry with receiving academic support and by performing research and development studies.

Özellikle Otomotiv Sac Kalıpçılığı ve Makine Üretim sektörüne yönelik üretimine ülkemiz ve dünyada yükselen değerler olan havacılık ve enerji sektörlerini de ekleyerek, akademik seviyede destekler alarak ve AR-GE çalışmaları yaparak teknoloji üreten çok yönlü sağlayıcı olmaya devam edecektir.


Primary objective of İğrek Makina is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. The company aims to be leader in the sector with its variety of products, capacity and technology. Mainly on its main branch of automotive stamping die supply.

The company also aims to produce machine tools in Turkey with its experiences on the subject and shapes the research department in that way. It aims to continue developing technologically enhanced systems and components in aviation and energy sectors. In addition to all these, the company also aims to be leader in solution partnerships in heavy industrial sectors like cement and mining.


1946 The company was founded; its core business was to manufacture grey iron and bronze parts. In following years the company has become most known wood processing machines producer in our country for 3 decades.

After 1970’s with the strong participation of the 2nd generation and with the increasing investments on foundry branch the production of wood working machines was stopped and up to the present, the company has aimed to be pioneer in foundry production.


A. Osman İĞREK is with the body of bandsaw which he cast for his own machines.


A. Osman İĞREK with his old employees.


Images from Bursa Kulturpark and Izmir Fairs. İğrek Makina attends these fairs regularly


A. Osman İĞREK shows first cupola furnace to his brother in law Mustafa BURLU.


A. Osman İĞREK is in charge as stoker.


Our new building’s basic structure completed. It is located in organized industrial site in Bursa (OSB).


A. Osman İĞREK is in first administrative office of our new building which is in OSB.


Woodworking machinery production still continues in our new building. Orhan İĞREK, Kamil İĞREK is in charge.


A. Osman İĞREK is visiting Döktaş with his grandchild, Fatih İĞREK


Our first attendance to GIFA – International Foundry Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.


One year before A. Osman İĞREK’s passing. A photo with his sons and grandson at work.


Some labels used by A. Osman İĞREK in the years of manufacturing woodworking machines. The gear and the worm gear that symbolizes O and I letters still exist in our modern logo


Our renovated building in the OSB.


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