Styrofoam Pattern Production

İğrek Makina shapes its investments and production structure by using the experiences on meeting the requirements of the customers and by providing different solutions. In 2003, with this understanding, the company established pattern production department by combining the field with engineering and advanced technology. With the foundation of the styropor pattern production department the company has reached the level that it can supply the top quality in lost foam casting method fast and efficiently. This progress was specially structured for the sectors of automotive, energy and machine production. Besides, cooperation between the company and universities, research institutes about production of parts, systems and r&d trainings was established.

CAD Supported Pattern Production

The company has become one of the global leaders and trusted producers in production of styropor patterns with the years of experience. The production is being continued with the support of CAD-CAM and 6 big-sized styropor milling machines. The competence in Catia V5 software provides high precision, accuracy and design optimization abilities. The company makes cooperation with foundry and metallurgy specialists in order to produce high quality casting parts with complex design. The company produces styropor patterns in high accuracy with its team of experts by only requiring the design of the demanded from its customers.

Milling Machines

Milling Machines

Brand Origin Control Type Dimensions (mm)
Zimmermann FZ15S Germany Fidia 6000 4000 2000
IGREK Öncü 1 Turkey Siemens 6000 4000 2000
IGREK Öncü 2 Turkey Siemens 6000 4000 2000
IGREK Öncü 3 Turkey Siemens 6000 4000 2000
Vobau CNC Germany Heidenhein 4500 2400 1400
Vobau CNC Germany Fidia 4000 2400 1400

Engraving Machines for Pattern Text, Numbers, Signs

Brand Origin Control Type Dimensions (mm)
ISEL Germany Mach2 1000 700 150
IGREK Mini HSC 1 Turkey Mitsubishi 550 550 250
IGREK Mini HSC 2 Turkey Mitsubishi 550 550 250

Hot Wire Cutter for Polystyrene Blocks

Brand Origin Control Type Dimensions (mm)
IGREK Thermo-Saw Turkey Mach3 5000 1200 1200

Pattern Products