Powerful and Precise Machining with Large Capacity

A high-end facility of CNC Machining department is integrated in production and it is completing the cycle of supplying parts that are ready to assemble and use for the customers. CNC Milling / Turning / Grinding services with machines precisely calibrated for a variety of customer demands.

Processing Capacity

  • 10 Portal machining centres up to 6 meters of length
  • 3 Vertical Lathes up to 5 meters of diameter
  • Grinding machine with 6 x 2 table
  • Expertise in machining 2D and 3D forms for automotive stamping dies
  • Expertise in production of machine parts and floor plates
  • Long experience and qualified experts in CatiaTM CAM programming
  • RenishawTM XL80 laser interferometer for periodic maintenance and calibration

Machining Capacity

BrandMachine TypeAxesMax. Work LoadHead Type
XYZMax. Part Weight3 Axes, 3+2 Axes, (Manual/Automatic) 5 Axes
IGREK PortalGantry Type HSM Milling1000050002000Unlimited5-Axes Synchronized
FERMAT WRF130Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine with Rotary Table1200040002000 (W=2500)30tons1° Positioning Auto Orthogonal Head
DROOP & REINBridge Type Milling45004700190050tons3+2-Axes
HEYLIGENSTAEDTSingle Column Milling30001800130025tons3-Axes
WALDRICH-SIEGENBridge Type Milling52004700100062,5tons3+2-Axes
SNK (High Speed Cutting)Gantry Type Milling52003500160020tons5-Axes
DROOP & REINBridge Type Milling45003000110030tons3-Axes
V-TECBridge Type Milling40002500110030tons3+1 Axis
DROOP & REINSingle Column Milling20001200120025tons3-Axes
JOBSPortal Type HSM Milling1000040002000Unlimited5-Axes Synchronized
SCHARMANNHorizontal Milling40001200120025tons3-Axes
DiameterDönüş Yüksekliği
YOU JIVertical Lathe (C Axis enabled)40004500
SEDINDouble RAM Vertical Lathe30002000
MASVertical Lathe12501000
WALDRICH COBURGAngular and Planar Grinding600020001500

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