1946 The company was founded; its core business was to manufacture grey iron and bronze parts. In following years the company has become most known wood processing machines producer in our country for 3 decades.

After 1970’s with the strong participation of the 2nd generation and with the increasing investments on foundry branch the production of wood working machines was stopped and up to the present, the company has aimed to be pioneer in foundry production.

  • 1950

    A. Osman İĞREK is with the body of bandsaw which he cast for his own machines.
  • 6
    A. Osman İĞREK with his old employees.


  • 8 7
    Images from Bursa Kulturpark and Izmir Fairs. İğrek Makina attends these fairs regularly.


  • 1
    A. Osman İĞREK shows first cupola furnace to his brother in law Mustafa BURLU.


  • 9
    A. Osman İĞREK is in charge as stoker.


  • 1975

    Our new building’s basic structure completed. It is located in organized industrial site in Bursa (OSB).
  • 2
    A. Osman İĞREK is in first administrative office of our new building which is in OSB.


  • 1981

    Woodworking machinery production still continues in our new building. Orhan İĞREK, Kamil İĞREK is in charge.
  • 14
    A. Osman İĞREK is visiting Döktaş with his grandchild, Fatih İĞREK


  • 2002

    Our first attendance to GIFA – International Foundry Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • 15
    One year before A. Osman İĞREK’s passing. A photo with his sons and grandson at work.


  • 17
    Some labels used by A. Osman İĞREK in the years of manufacturing woodworking machines. The gear and the worm gear that symbolizes O and I letters still exist in our modern logo.